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Sunflowers For Peace

My mission with the The Hugs Shop is a simple one…the small company with a big heart. Since my opening day, Nov 29, 2021, I have donated a portion of every single sale to a local non-profit that is near and dear to my heart, Feed Evansville. This local non-profit is all volunteer run from Evansville, Indiana. Their focus is to help provide meals to people in the Tristate area during these times of uncertainty. I am so happy to present a check to this wonderful organization soon. I know my business is a small one but I do believe in the fact that even a small amount can help others in a big way. Thank you to each one of my customers that have helped me to achieve my goal.

Beginning on May 1, I will be donating a portion of every sale to UNICEF, Children in Ukraine. It has been so heartbreaking to watch the news recently and see all of the devastation that Ukraine has faced. I have chosen to donate to UNICEF, Children in Ukraine as less than 3% of funds go to administration costs.

The National Flower of Ukraine is Sunflowers so be sure to purchase something in our sunflower collection today and show the world that You Choose Peace!

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