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I feel like a Duchess...

Some of you all might be wondering why all of the recent posts on satin pillowcases. Let me explain...

In July, my mother bought me a Kitsch satin Pillowcase for my birthday and I seriously fell in love with it. It was life changing for me! I'm 49 years old and yes I get hot at night lol. This satin pillowcase stays nice and cool throughout the night. I also started noticing my skin totally feels different...It feels moisturized when I wake up in the morning! So...I loved this product so much, I decided to contact Kitsch and start selling these at! You can get this in ivory, blush, marble and even limited edition series of Stranger Things and Bridgerton! This makes a fabulous gift! Get one before they sell out!! ❤️ Free Shipping!! A portion of every sale goes to the local non-profit Team of Mercy, Inc.

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