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Teaming Up with Team of Mercy

My husband and I recently moved to Terre Haute, Indiana to be closer to family and we couldn’t be more happier. One of the best things about an online boutique is that I can do my job anywhere and it didn’t take me long to connect with one amazing local non-profit. This past week I had a meeting at a local coffee shop with the Executive Director of Team of Mercy. I fell in love with her instantly as she discussed her organization. Team of Mercy was created to assist survivors following an attempted and/or a completed suicide with any necessary help the loved ones left behind may need. They want to bring awareness to the community and help bring the stigmas off suicide and mental health.

In 2017, I lost a close friend to suicide. This friend was 31 years young…A man with a brilliant mind who was so much fun to be around with such a bright future. I saw him 5 days before his suicide and had no clue of his personal problems as he always had such a fun persona. The days following I blamed myself a lot and went through so many different emotions…devastated, upset, confused, anger, etc. I searched my text messages and voicemails just trying to see if there was anything that I should have noticed but I couldn’t’ find a single thing. I came to realize that we need to talk more as a society about mental health in America. After the pandemic, almost 1 in 5 people in the US are living with a mental health condition. That is around 50 million people. That number is astonishing to me.

So, when you shop The Hugs Shop you are not only helping this woman owned business…you are giving back in a big way to those in need. Thank you for helping me with my mission…The Hugs Shop, a small business with a big heart.

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